Scalping – the strategy of small steps

Scalping – the strategy of small steps

binary-mapWhereas it is known even small steps eventually the goal, and that is also in the binary onlinescam options trading the case. Many traders can also make any too big steps because they may lack the necessary capital for these traders is called scalping strategy a good idea. Here only the small steps, and because the scalping strategy is very simple to use, it enjoys an ever-growing fan base.

For whom it is worth the scalping to trade strategy, and how does this strategy, with the good profits can be made, especially when trading currencies?

How does the scalping strategy?
FragezeichenWer has not had any great experience in the binary options trading that wants a strategy that is easy to apply. When scalpen it is always important to put as many small trades, which then add up to a big profit in the end. Traders who opt for the scalping strategy must consider the following things.

Good works the scalping strategy when trading currencies

It promises and much success when it comes to currency pairs, which are volatile, as is the case for example in euros and US dollars and British pounds or Japanese yen and the dollar.

The time frame should be a maximum of between one and five minutes, because then it is for the trader much easier to keep track. Optimal is the trading time during the Online Scam European and the Asian session, and the trader must focus very closely during the trade and take your time.

Scalping and Binary Options:
Will open a long position in euro and sterling, and a spread of two pips. The stop-loss position lies at ten pips. After 20 seconds the position but with two pips in profit and the trade closes. The gain is two pips.

Of course, this example can always vary, important though is that the number of pips remains small, because only then the scalping strategy can be used successfully.

Scalping as a strategy in Trading

UpScalping is a known concept from the trading, who found directly from Wall Street in the private traders rooms collection. The term is derived from the ancient Indian custom to separate the scalps of their enemies and to keep as trophies. but one assumes that this custom was taken over by the Aztecs. Throughout history, in the US flourished a real business with scalps of Indians, which resulted from initial Scalpprämien during the civil wars.

“Scalping” is, however, commonly used on the black market for the resale of tickets or tickets that comes the Scalping Trading in already much closer. In Trading is designated scalping a very short-term trading strategy. The fast section is compared with the quasi fast and short profit.

A precise definition about the short-term nature of scalp trades do not exist, however. Scalping is therefore now as a general term for the short-term trading because some act only a few seconds, others for a few minutes. Others are investing half an hour and call their style also scalping. we remain flexible for our strategy example of what the holding period is concerned, however, assume that we hold a position not more than 10 minutes.